updated Toolbox

We updated the toolbox with the latest content.  And we managed not to make it larger. We thought it is big enough already.

better PowerPacks

We carefully balanced what we think is needed in an average project and what rather belongs into a PowerPack.  The number of PowerPacks is unchanged, however.

9 drivers

We reduced the number of drivers down to 9 (from previously 14). And this without loosing content. Having less drivers makes PRIME® easier and more simple to use.  Some content of the drivers was moved into the PowerPacks, as we felt that they will not be used in an average project. Other content was simplified.

PRIME Version 2 is here

It took a bit more work than we thought. But finally the new version is available.

We have reworked all the Drivers and PowerPacks, updated the techniques toolbox and added more details on how we are ISO compliant.

Further we changed the introduction and overview and reviewed the core. Finally we have refreshed some PRIME® documents including the logs. So we ended up with a total new version.


Version 2 is available


PRIME the project implementation method

simple, complete, straightforward project management

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